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History of Canada 1783-1993

Canada Short History

After the American independence about 50000 United Empire Loyalists migrate to British North America.

The C onstitutional Act divides Canada into the provinces Upper- and Lower Canada (Ontario and Quebec). Each province gets an own parliament

The 2 nd American invasion is fought back. In the Geneva peace treaty Britain and the USA conciliate on todays borders.

The rebellion of the Francophone Patriots in Lower Canada: In Upper Canada William Lyon Mackenzie fights against the so-called family compact - the corrupt group around the governor.

The Act of Union unites both provinces to the Province of Canada

The Grant Trunk Railroad connects Lake Huron with Montreal and Toronto. Until 1885 the pacific coast is also reachable per Railroad.

In Charlottetown the Fathers of Confederation conciliate on the foundation of a Confederation.

With the British North America Act Canada is founded. Confederation Members are: Ontario, Quebec, New Scotland and New Brunswick.

Canada buys Prince Rupert Island from the HBC for 300.000 pounds sterling silver.

Prince Edward Island joins the Confederation

With the establishment of the "Canadian Pacific Railway" also the western regions of Canada may be developed which causes an enormous economic recovery

The last British troops leave Canada

Canada sends half a million soldiers into WWI at the side of Great Britain. The heavily disputed call-up law endangers the states unity

The 30s
Canada is being haunted by the world depression

Canada becomes independent from the UK, at least as far as it concerns foreign affairs.

During WWII Canada fights on the side of the Allied. 42.000 Canadian soldiers fall on European battlefields

Newfoundland joins Canada

Business Boom. The population doubles. New immigration laws now open Canada also for colored immigrants

The St. Laurent Sea Way is finished

The 60s
The Revolution Tranquille enforces a social-liberal climate in Quebec

The Trans Canada Highway is finished.

Quebecs Minister of Work Pierre Laporte is executed by the radical FLQ (Front de Libération Québec), which demands a "free Quebec". Prime Minister Trudeau calls out the state of emergency because of that.

A law, which guarantees full equality of rights between English and French language, which calms down the situation

The election-win of the PQ ( Partie Quebecois ) enforces the separation movement

In a plebiscite the Quebecois vote against the independence from Canada

The old British North America Act is being abolished. Canada gets a new constitution, but Quebec doesnt sign it

With the Meech Lake Accord Quebec poses five conditions under which it would sign the constitution. Deadline: 07/23/1990.

Shortly before the deadline Newfoundland and Manitoba refuse to sign the Meech Lake Accord: Quebec pulls back.

In the so-called Charlottetown Referendum a majority votes for keeping the constitutional status quo.

The federal Liberal Party under Jean Chrétien wins the elections. The Conservative Party totally vanishes from the parliament. The opposition now is the Reform Party under Preston Manning and the separational Bloc Québécois

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